Rolling out your Concept?

Express your brand in three dimensions…

Your restaurant's design must elevate the public perception of your brand with an  atmosphere as unique and distinctive as the products you sell. It must be easy  and economical to build, replicate and maintain. We’re essential partners in  your branding effort, ensuring that every one of your locations reflects and  reinforces everything that your name stands for.

Let us position your company for success!

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Detail of Services

Design Development and Initial Planning

  • Evaluation and analysis of specific client needs
  • Space planning and conceptual designs
  • Full colour conceptual interior renderings
  • Selection of interior finishes and colour schemes

Construction Documents

  • Complete detailed construction drawings in CAD
  • Building permit documents

Project Management

  • Co-ordination of product and equipment suppliers, sub-consultants such as engineers and architects
  • Overseeing tendering process
  • Executing detailed deficiency and progress reports



See how we have positioned Coffee Culture to be a competitor in the coffee market.